From Left to right: Marius G.Belseth (guitars) / Thor-Axel Eriksen (guitars) / Mathias M.Indergård (Vocals) / Ole Devold (drums) / Ola Øverli ( bass)


Mindtech was formed in 2007, by guitar player and songwriter Thor-Axel Eriksen.

After several years in the underground progressive metal band Tritonus (1992-2000), and then some years with no guitar playing at all, the urge for writing metal music came back.

He recruited drummer Ole Devold (Tritonus), bass player Øystein Moe (Tritonus/Ulver/Winds) and keyboard player Lasse Finbråten (Circus Maximus). A few songs were written and a 3 track demo was released (under the moniker Beyond Flames).

2008 marked the live debut of the band, now called Mindtech, with the addition of guitar player (and ex pro boxer) Thomas Hansvoll. They even landed a support slot for a Volbeat on the rise, at 2 sold-out gigs in Oslo.

Mindtech then started to work on their debut album — a process that seemed to take forever — and at some point was even put on hold indefinitely!

However with the entrance of a new guitar player, Marius Belseth, in 2012, the spark was back, and they started the work on finishing the album “Elements Of Warfare”.

October 11th 2013 was the debut album’s release date, but their concert at the release party marked the end of singer Aslak Johnsen’s era in the band. He was only supposed to lay down vocals on demo versions of the songs, but ended up doing the full album.

So, with an album released, and a whole lot of great reviews, the band had no singer.

This meant that 2014 was used for writing new material and finding a new singer to fill Aslak’s position.

They debuted a new line up March 2015, did a few gigs, but found that they had not landed the formula they wanted. So back to square one…

Via Withem guitar player Øyvind V.Larsen, they got in touch with a fantastic young guy, Mathias Molund Indergård, a great singer with a versatile musical background, who’d had vocal duties in tribute bands like Painkiller (Judas Priest) and Maiden Norway (Iron Maiden). He fit perfectly for the new musical direction the band had set out on with the new material. The work on finishing songs for a EP started immediately, and the first single, “Lost In A Dream,” was released digitally September 1st 2015, and single no 2; ”Black Heart”, was released January 22nd 2016.

Their 5-track EP ”Edge Of The World” was released February 12th, 2016.

Fall 2015 also brought Mindtech out on the road. They have shared the stage with several great acts since then, like Circus Maximus, Pagan’s Mind, Triosphere, Eclipse, Masterplan, Pyramaze, Seventh Wonder, In Flames, Kvelertak.

The last couple of years has been used to write and produce their new album “Omnipresence”, scheduled for release March 13th, 2020.